Destination Weddings

So you've decided to marry away from home?
Here are some consideration that will make "Your Day" go smoothly.
Where Will We Marry?
This question can be answered in part by another … Where would we like to Honeymoon?
1. Length of Stay: If this is a foreign or domestic destination each will have legal minimum stay requirements. These may be anything from 0-14 days stay prior to the wedding. Weigh what kind of time you have.
2. Legal Expense may play a roll. Some destinations are more expensive than others.
3. Are you inviting family members or friends? Time, distance from home and expense will all play a role in your decision and whether your guests can attend also. Most destinations will provide witnesses if just the two of you are going.
1. Make a list together of places you would like to consider.
2. List your requirements but be practical. For example
A. Maximum pre-nights 3
B. Maximums stay including wedding 7-10
C. Expense's that you are willing to incur. Take a look at
general packages in the destination you are considering.
Know that the wedding will be added onto that amount.

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